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For 30 years, the attorneys at The Katz Law Group LLC have worked with clients to provide comprehensive criminal defense. They take pride in offering personalized strategies that focus not just on the verdict, but on the effect a criminal charge will have on clients’ lives moving forward.

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The attorneys at The Katz Law Group LLC in Marietta know that simply being accused of a crime, let alone being charged or found guilty, can have a devastating effect on your life and livelihood. That is why they strive to not only vigorously defend you against all charges, but also help you to find a way forward after the fact.

The firm’s attorneys defend clients facing serious charges such as professional license suspension, money laundering and drug crimes. They also work with cases of international child abduction and other immigration law issues. They know each client faces a situation unique to them, and you can be assured of personal attention and a vigorous defense when you work with the firm at the Marietta office, by phone or online.

Professional Licensing Defense
Professional Licensing Defense
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White Collar
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International Child Abduction
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Our Successes

Hague Convention – Successful Appeal of Federal Court Order  

I represented an immigrant who came to the United States with her young daughter. Mother and daughter fled to the United States after suffering unspeakable violence and abuse by the child’s father. The child’s father hired a major law firm to file a lawsuit alleging child abduction (parental kidnapping) under the Hague Convention. The case went to trial in federal court, which ordered the mother to return the child to its father in South America. I filed an emergency motion with the federal appeals court to stay (suspend) the trial court’s order, thus preventing the child from being forced to return to the country in South America. Thereafter, the federal appeals court ruled in favor of my client and reversed the decision of the trial court.

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Do Not Face Criminal Charges Alone

Being accused of or charged with a crime is an extremely stressful experience. Even if you are found not guilty, it can cause serious damage to your reputation. The attorneys at The Katz Law Group LLC understand and work with you to mitigate the effects of a criminal charge on your life moving forward.

Attorneys at the firm consciously limit the number of cases they take, so they can continue to provide this high level of personal service to clients.

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