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A Personalized Approach To Meeting Your Legal Needs

Legal problems often involve more than one area of your life. If you’re facing criminal charges and allegations of wrongdoing, it can impact your job, professional license and career prospects.

The Katz Law Group LLC offers comprehensive legal representation for all of these overlapping areas. The firm takes a holistic approach to the practice of law. Their attorneys will view you as a whole person rather than just a single legal issue, and they will work tirelessly to address all of your legal concerns.

The firm’s founder, Stephen Katz, draws on more than 30 years of experience to capably represent clients. Learn more about his background and experience:

Helping You Overcome Legal Troubles

If you are looking for a reliable attorney to advocate for your rights and interests, you have come to the right place. The attorneys at The Katz Law Group LLC can help you with:

In handling any of these matters, the firm will look at not only the immediate outcome of the case, but also its long-term impact on your life. Their goal is to protect what’s important to you and maximize your opportunities for a brighter future.

The Katz Law Group LLC operates by the philosophy of quality over quantity. They take fewer cases so they can invest the time and attention that each case deserves.

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The Katz Law Group LLC is eager to help you move forward when legal troubles are holding you back. Talk to a trusted lawyer about your concerns. Call 770-870-5344 or send a quick email. Based in Marietta, Georgia, the firm represents clients throughout the Atlanta metro area.