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Defending Employers Against Whistleblower And Qui Tam Claims

As an employer, you are subject to numerous complex rules and regulations. It’s all too easy to run afoul of these laws.

Employees are often the ones to report violations. Workers who raise allegations of employer wrongdoing are entitled to protection under federal law, including protection from retaliation. In certain cases, they also have the ability to initiate a whistleblower lawsuit (called a qui tam claim) against you on behalf of the federal government.

Protecting Your Business And Reputation

If your business is facing a whistleblower claim, or if you’ve been accused of fraudulent activity in the workplace, don’t make a bad situation worse by failing to enlist the appropriate legal help. Failing to address the claim – or mishandling it – can result in significant repercussions. You might end up facing allegations of further wrongdoing such as illegal retaliation.

The experienced employment lawyers at The Katz Law Group LLC can fight for you. With more than 30 years of experience handling high-stakes cases, including defending professionals and their licenses, they have the skill set necessary for protecting your business and your reputation. They will draw on in-depth knowledge of employment regulations to help you discreetly and strategically navigate a situation that’s precarious for both you and your business.

Common Types Of Whistleblower Claims That Employers Can Face

Whistleblower claims typically involve serious allegations such as:

  • Health care billing fraud
  • Government contract fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud

A finding of wrongdoing can expose your business to significant financial penalties. An investigation can also result in criminal charges for fraud, embezzlement or other types of white collar offenses.

Start Building A Strong Defense

Given the harsh potential impact of a whistleblower claim on your business’s reputation and future, you deserve strategic and experienced legal advocacy. You will find that at The Katz Law Group LLC. Get started today by calling 770-870-5344 or sending the firm an email.