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Protecting Your Freedom, Career And Future In The Face Of Money Laundering Accusations

Money laundering is a serious offense that carries significant penalties. On top of the criminal consequences, allegations of money laundering can ruin your reputation and that of your business.

At The Katz Law Group LLC, our lawyers can do more than just defend you against money laundering charges. We can also represent you if you’re facing a federal investigation for financial wrongdoing, and we can defend your professional license that is so vital to your livelihood. Our holistic approach to protecting all aspects of your life – and addressing the many ramifications of criminal allegations – is part of what sets us apart.

Understanding Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering is a federal charge, which means that it is dealt with in the federal criminal justice system. Not all criminal defense lawyers in Georgia handle federal crimes. We do.

Under federal law, money laundering is a felony. A conviction for a single count can result in harsh penalties, including:

  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • Fines of up to $500,000 or twice the value of the funds

Because of the severity of these charges, it’s critical to get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible – ideally, before charges get filed. Our attorneys can protect you during the investigation stage of the process, which is when the prosecution is laying the foundation for possible charges. We can also represent you if or when charges get filed.

Staunch Defenders Of Your Rights And Reputation

As passionate advocates for the accused, we are committed to helping you address money laundering allegations in a way that safeguards your rights, freedom and reputation. We will work diligently to pinpoint the strongest angles for addressing the allegations.

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