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Navigating The Complexities Of Immigration Law

Immigration law does not only affect individuals wishing to enter the United States, it also affects U.S. citizens. Attorney Stephen Katz helps clients navigate the intricacies of immigration law, including accusations of immigration fraud. He also works with clients who have entered into a fraudulent marriage in order to get around U.S. immigration laws, either knowingly or as a victim.

Immigration fraud is an area where immigration law and criminal law intersect, so working with an immigration lawyer who is well-versed in criminal defense is an advantage to clients. Attorney Katz understands that any case involving immigration law can be intimidating and stressful, and he works hard to protect his clients.

Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud happens when individuals purposefully provide incorrect information on immigration forms. While immigration fraud is often committed by applicants, it can also be perpetrated by their sponsors, specifically when they provide false testimony on an applicant’s behalf.

The following must be established as facts for immigration fraud to have occurred:

  • An individual intended to immigrate to the United States.
  • The individual in question willfully made a false representation of a material fact to a United States official. This could be about their criminal record, employment history, identity or reasons for immigrating.
  • The individual in question aimed to deceive the United States government through this false representation.
  • The individual in question received an immigration benefit because the United States government believed them.

Individuals will be considered inadmissible if they are found to have committed immigration fraud, meaning they cannot legally immigrate to the United States. This outcome could have drastic effects on their personal and professional circumstances. Seeking an immigration lawyer’s guidance is essential for mitigating these consequences.

Fraudulent Marriage Defense

The laws governing immigration based on marriage are strict. However, marriage is still one of the simplest paths to a green card, and that makes it a target for abuse. Coming to the United States through a fraudulent marriage is a serious federal crime. Penalties involve fines and jail time.

In many cases, both people in the relationship knowingly enter into a fraudulent marriage, but sometimes one individual is unwittingly part of a scheme to gain entry to the United States. Those who are victims of marriage fraud need to take action to prove they did not willingly participate. Attorney Katz defends those accused of marriage fraud as well as those who are victims of marriage fraud.

Experienced And Empathetic Immigration Help

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