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A Strong Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a serious criminal charge that can have significant ramifications for your freedom, reputation and livelihood. Allegations of financial wrongdoing should ideally be addressed proactively, before they escalate to criminal charges. Seeking legal counsel at the investigation stage is critical for protecting your rights.

Our defense attorneys at The Katz Law Group LLC, can serve as your voice and advocate in addressing embezzlement allegations, whether at the investigation stage or after charges have been filed. Our lawyers in Marietta have more than three decades of experience handling serious legal matters, including white collar crime cases. You can rely on them to protect your interests from day one.

What Exactly Is Embezzlement?

In Georgia, embezzlement is a type of theft offense that involves misuse of someone else’s funds. Embezzlement usually arises in work circumstances. It includes allegations of:

  • Stealing cash from an employer
  • Misuse of corporate credit cards for personal purposes
  • Ponzi schemes and investment fraud
  • Payroll fraud

Employers can also face embezzlement charges. For example, wage and hour violations can result in a criminal investigation.

Protecting You From The Fallout Of Embezzlement Allegations

Embezzlement charges can derail your entire career and the success of your business. Once tarnished, a professional or business reputation is incredibly hard to rebuild.

We can help you strategically address the charges in a way that minimizes the fallout for both your personal and professional life. Often, we can negotiate a favorable plea bargain that minimizes the penalties and protects your future.

Embezzlement charges can jeopardize your professional license. Our attorneys can help you navigate any disciplinary proceedings that arise from the allegations.

Don’t Face Embezzlement Charges Alone

In embezzlement cases, the stakes are high. You deserve skilled legal representation to protect everything you have worked so hard to build.

Start taking your future back into your hands by enlisting legal help. Contact our team by email or by phone at 770-870-5344.